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Let's kick off the summer season with the June Eventee newsletter. ☀️

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

Are you ready to jump into the pool? Before you do that, grab your favorite ice-cold drink, have a sip...ahh...and munch through the Eventee updates of this month!

Let's start with something we are most excited about. The G2 summer reports are out, and we are so happy with the results. 🤩

An image featuring three G2 badges on a beach-themed background. The badges are 'High Performer SUMMER 2022', 'High Performer Small Business SUMMER 2022', and 'Users Love Us'. The background includes a pair of sunglasses, a yellow flower, a green starfish, and a cute crab on a sandy beach with blue waves, conveying a relaxed, summery vibe.
Summer awards from G2

G2 is the leading tech marketplace where people discover and review all kinds of software, helping each other to make better decisions when in search of the best tool for their cases. This summer season, Eventee received three awards. The results are based on G2's research methodology, where customer feedback is one of the most important aspects that determine the final performance score.

Thank you for your support! We wouldn't make it without you. ❤️

✂️ After-midnight sessions

By default, the last session of the day ends by midnight. This means that every session after midnight appears on the next-day schedule.

The new agenda allows you to change the time when the days should split, so you can include all your after-parties and pass-midnight sessions on the same day page.

In this video, you will learn how the new agenda works and how you can adjust when the day should end.

🥳 Zapier - New Visitor

The Zapier integration is an update we released in 2020. Since then, a lot of our customers use it to connect Eventee with other supported apps (Zapier empowers connections across 5000+ apps!) and automate their workflows.

Currently, Eventee offers three triggers and one action. The newest addition to our list is the trigger New Visitor.

A Visitor is a user who visited your public event (i.e. without PIN or Allowlist before it starts. Once the event starts, their label can change to "Attendees" if they meet one of the given conditions.

Learn more about Eventee user roles.

Screenshot of a webpage from Zapier showing supported triggers and actions for Eventee integration. The triggers section lists 'New Attendee,' which activates when an attendee is imported or invited to an event in Eventee, and 'New Visitor,' which triggers when a user visits your event in the Eventee app. Both triggers are labeled as 'Instant.' On the actions side, highlighted in a red box, is 'Attendee Invitation,' which triggers when an attendee is imported or invited to your event in Eventee. Below this is an action titled 'Invite Attendee,' which allows the user to invite a new attendee to an event in Eventee.
Supported Eventee triggers and actions on Zapier

🔗 Links in Q&A

Attendees can newly include clickable links in their questions. They just need to copy and paste the whole URL link into the question field. Links will automatically be hypertexted.

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