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Top Tips on Going Paperless at Your Next Event

Embrace these useful tips on how to go paperless for your next event and learn to eliminate any inefficiencies along the way.

Lauren Robinson
Lauren Robinson

In this digital age, where technology has transformed every aspect of our lives, events are no exception. Gone are the days of printed tickets, registration forms, and brochures. With paperless events, everything is streamlined, efficient, and eco-friendly.

Attendees can simply download tickets to their smartphones, check-in using QR codes, and access event information through mobile apps. Organisers can create personalised experiences, engage with attendees in real-time, and collect valuable data to improve future events. 

Whether it's a conference, trade show, or music festival, paperless events revolutionize the way we plan, execute, and experience events. Join us as we explore how you can reduce paper waste and reap the many benefits and possibilities of going paperless at your event.

💻 Why paperless events are paving the way

Environmental consequences

It goes without saying the huge environmental impact that paper can have on any event. Now that we have the resources that allow us to make better and environmentally conscious choices we can massively reduce paper waste created by events. 

It’s cost-effective

It’s not just the environment we’re trying to save here, it’s your budget too. We all understand how costly it can be to source high-quality, printed materials for an event - from sourcing a reliable printer, all the way through to disposal and shredding costs when the event is over. By making your event paperless, you are undoubtedly going to save on valuable funds, not to mention shipping fees.

It's time efficient

When you rely on printed documents, whether that be manuals, leaflets, brochures, or any other printed asset, there’s a lengthy chain before the materials even reach their final destination at your event. If just one link in that chain has a small delay, it impacts everything - leaving you in the lurch and left wanting. A paperless event removes the need for all of that and leads to a far more efficient outcome. 

It modernises the event experience

Remember when it was a novelty to use your mobile phone to scan your train ticket or board your flight? Well, now it’s commonplace. Going paperless brings your event into the 21st century. 

♻️ Navigating the transition to paperless events

Now that we’ve got you convinced on reducing paper waste, you’ll want to know how to transition to having paperless events from here on out. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this simple step-by-step guide:

1. Set your goals

Preparing clear objectives in any setting is always the first step in the planning process. Make sure you know what you’re trying to achieve and when you want to achieve your goals. This allows for clear structure as you take the first steps and keeps everything on track.

2. Assess current processes that involve paper materials

Sure, after years of doing things a certain way, you want to ensure the smoothest transition possible - not just for yourselves but for the people who have also become accustomed to experiencing your events through the paper method. So, review all current paper processes first to gauge what digital alternatives you need to source. Keep reading for some tips on the switch-out!

3. Research and implement your digital tools

Now that you know what you’re looking to replace, seek out the best digital equivalent. At this stage, you want to ensure you have a high-quality but affordable product - so test, test, and continue to test your digital solutions until you source the best one for the job. 

4. Educate stakeholders

After your research, you need to share that knowledge with anyone who may be utilising the technology throughout your event preparations. 

5. Create digital content

This is where the fun begins, the stage where you can really get creative with your new digital assets and inject your businesses style into proceedings. Think colours, mockups, and digi-tickets, the design team will love you!

6. Test and optimise

Once you’ve got the basic framework in place, you want to ensure that you test its functionality to no end. This isn’t a step you want to skip out on, because ensuring your platform works seamlessly is the key to success at your event.

7. Highlight your paperless plans in your marketing

Advertising your paperless approach well ahead of your event is crucial. Send out snippets of digital resources from the get-go, so that they have faith in your digital approach, knowing everything they need is in the palm of their hand.

8. Provide on-site support

Not everyone is tech-savvy, so having on-site support will help your attendees feel at ease knowing there is guidance only a matter of metres away. 

9. Encourage attendee engagement

This is your time to let your event app shine - engagement is one of the things an event app does best. Let your attendees know of all the functionalities the event app has to offer so that they can be as engaged as possible throughout. 

10. Monitor and evaluate, collect feedback

With an event app, you can collect live feedback whilst the event is happening - so this step is easy. Keep an eye on your guests and look out for any areas of improvement throughout the day. 

11. Post-event analysis

As always, you want to review your event with a fine-tooth comb. Gather your team, read the feedback, and analyze the event so that next time, you can do even better. 

Post-event analysis is essential for refining future events and enhancing attendee experiences by identifying strengths and weaknesses.

🚮 Digital alternatives to traditional paper materials

As you make the change, we’ve created a helpful list of switchouts for you to consider as you move into the paperless world of events. 

  • Digital Agenda and Schedules - Keep your team and your attendees on track!
  • Electronic Signage - Going digital with your signage allows for a sleeker finish. No need for unprofessional, printed posters directing your attendees.
  • Digital Invitations and RSVPs - Nowadays, you can create your own webpage, solely for event invitations. You can simply send out the link in an email and have your RSVP’s all managed in one place. 
  • Interactive Maps and Floor Plans - Let your attendees know where to find everything to save them from wasting precious time on the day. 
  • Online Registration Forms - Having all your forms online enables you to gather all your data ready to analyse. 
  • Digital Feedback and Surveys - Using an event app, like Eventee, all the feedback from surveys can be gathered within the platform so that you can review it with ease. 
  • Live Polling and Q&A - Host polls throughout the event, as well as allow attendees the opportunity to ask any pressing questions - all at the push of a button.
  • Virtual Networking Tools - Provide your attendees with a space exclusively designed for networking, accessible before, during, and after the event. Utilise features like social wall and interactive chats in your favourite event app to enhance the event experience.
  • Live Streaming and Virtual Attendance - For any attendees who aren’t able to join in person, they can get involved from wherever they are in the world through the use of an event app. Hybrid events often make for some of the most interactive experiences and allow your attendees to network, without the pressure of travel commitments.

🫱🏽‍🫲🏿 How Event Apps Can Support Your Paperless Event

So, you understand why going paperless at an event is so imperative - but you may be skeptical about the alternative. We’re here to put your mind at rest and give you a comprehensive overview as to why, with the right event app, your paperless event can be the most successful one yet. 

Real-time updates and notifications

Event apps have the functionality to update your attendees throughout the whole day - something that a paper event simply can’t offer. Things can quickly change throughout an event which can often alter start times. An event app lets you update guests on the go, creating less confusion and more efficiency.

Interactive digital content in one place

We couldn’t imagine rifling through a folder of leaflets and information at an event now. Since transitioning to paperless events using an event app, everything is at the user's fingertips, putting all the digital content in one place. 

Enhanced attendee engagement

An event app enhances the attendee experience no-end, leaving your attendees more engaged throughout the event via live questions, polls and feedback, as well as a handy social wall, where your attendees can share posts and interact with live content.

Matchmaking networking

When your guests create their account on your event app, they will have the opportunity to set up their profile letting your other guests know key information ahead of the event itself. Then, through the use of live chat, they can even interact with other attendees - where guests can build their network and open themselves to new opportunities.

Paperless ticketing

A digital ticket is simply the way forward. By having your ticket directly at hand, you know that you can access it securely anywhere in the world. It also saves a huge chunk of time on entry, saving queues and waiting times.

📝 In conclusion

You’ll find that the majority of the switches from paper to paperless events can be made quickly and easily through the use of an event app. So it’s definitely worth investigating what’s available to save yourself time and money and allow for a professional and unique experience. 

Events are no longer just about networking and building your contact list, they’re about representing your brand in a manner you’re proud of.

Now, more than ever, businesses are taking steps to make better, more mindful choices about how they impact the world we live in. That’s why it’s important to go paperless for your next event. Not only are you able to reduce paper waste, all whilst reaping the benefits from a financial standpoint, but you will also allow yourself the opportunity to create a more engaging experience for your attendees through the use of the incredible technology that’s available to you. 

That's where an event app like Eventee comes in - it's an all-in-one solution for event management and engagement and has everything you need to make your paperless event a success.

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