Wrapping up 2020 and Looking Ahead to 2021

A little through back at all the milestones and achievements of Eventee in 2020 with a little sneak peek at what is planned for 2021.

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

We all started the year with lots of enthusiasm, not having the slightest idea of what's coming upon us, and how it will significantly affect the whole event industry, not just in the present, but also in the future. The year 2020 was indeed tough, but when we take a look back, we can't help but feel grateful for all the opportunities for improvements we had been given. At the end of the day, the toughest challenges are the best teachers, and Eventee wouldn't be where it is today without them. 🚀

2020: Year in review

There is no doubt that the year 2020 will be known as a year when the biggest pandemic in 100 years took the wheel and re-shaped the whole world, causing a lot of companies of certain industries to go bankrupt.

Eventee started as a mobile app for in-person events only, and over the years it earned its rightful place on the market, mainly thanks to its seamless design and user-friendly interface. Under the pressure of the challenges that suddenly emerged in the event industry, Eventee went through a lot of changes and improvements in a short amount of time that we could't have imagined even in our wildest dreams. Now we can proudly announce that Eventee is capable of providing a multi-platform tool for all types of events, no matter if it's hosted in-person, virtual or hybrid. Unlike the other solutions available on the market, we do not take additional fees for virtual events support, nor for the multi-platform usage.

Eventee did not just managed to quickly adapt to the demands of the current pandemic situation, it also managed to retain the focus on user experience and provide a tool that is more complex, but never at the expense of a user-friendly interface. Thanks to this approach Eventee earned multiple awards on G2 Crowd in different categories at the same time. 🏆

Three award badges side by side, each with a different accolade from G2 for Winter 2021. From left to right: the first badge says 'Easiest Admin' with a yellow banner, the second badge states 'Fastest Implementation' with a blue banner, and the third proclaims 'High Performer' with a red banner, all set against a transparent background.
Multiple G2 awards in different categories

Our plans and releases in 2020 were indeed affected by the increased demand for virtual events, but we did not neglect on other features that were planed regardless of the COVID-19 outbreak. We introduced a whole new version Eventee 2.0, implemented a feature for event branding, agenda tracks, partner showcase and a lot more.

Let's take a look back at all the milestones, changes and improvements of Eventee in 2020.

An infographic titled '2020 Year in Review' for Eventee, featuring a timeline with icons and text. The timeline is segmented into four quarters, each with a set of features: Q1 highlights 'Events Homepage' and 'Eventee 2.0', noting a new design and free website creation for events. COVID-19 is marked at the start of Q1. Q2 includes 'Improved Networking' with audio and video calls, and 'Virtual Events' support. Q3 mentions 'New Pricing', 'Custom Branding', and 'Integrations' with platforms like Zapier and Mailchimp. Q4 showcases 'Dark Mode' for eye strain reduction, 'Event Tracks' for agenda navigation, and 'Partners & Sponsors' for showcasing partnerships in the app. The Eventee logo is at the bottom right.
Timeline of the biggest achievements in 2020

Landing page for events

You would hardly find a place that would provide information for your attendees better than a landing page dedicated to your event. Eventee automatically generates a modern looking landing page for every event you create on Eventee, for free. Sections on the events page can be very easily customized without any coding skills. You just need to fill in all the information and decide what sections and in what order you want them to be displayed on the page.

This feature was one of the first significant upgrades released right at the beginning of the year. Looking back, it started as a very simple page that contained only basic sections, like an event schedule, a list of speakers, or a map. Now it offers a modern looking interactive space that provides all important information for your attendees. You can choose from features that are available on the mobile app as well - from custom menu and tracks to showcasing your sponsors and partners.

In essence, Eventee’s landing page feature is a cornerstone for event organization and marketing, providing a comprehensive, customizable, and engaging online space that caters to the needs of both event organizers and attendees.
Customizable landing page for your event

Eventee 2.0

Eventee 2.0 was a new version of the app that was released shortly after the COVID-19 outbreak. The main feature of this version was the whole new design, which brought a breath of fresh air not just into the mobile app, but also into the admin and events landing page.

The new design focused on creating a seamless and enjoyable user experience, with attention to detail in every aspect of the app.
Eventee 2.0: A whole new design

With this release, we set off on our journey towards virtual events, and within a few months, we were able to offer virtual events support that helped a lot of customers switch from an in-person event to a virtual one.

Virtual events support

So far, Eventee does not provide live streaming itself, but you can use different video sharing services and easily embed live streams or videos into Eventee just by inserting the URL links. You can choose from popular services, like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live and Twitch. We will continue in improving the virtual events feature and adding support of new services.

Live streaming was, however, not the only feature we implemented to support virtual events. The social distancing forced the whole communication to move into the digital world, and the call for ways that imitate the in-person communication as close as possible, gained more importance, especially when it came to networking sessions.

To help attendees of a virtual event feel more connected, we released an improvement of the networking feature that enabled audio and video calls between attendees who have matched through our Tinder-like networking tool. The possibility to connect Eventee with meeting services, like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, came shortly after.

📝 See the complete list of all currently supported streaming, video hosting, and online meeting

Web app

Another great achievement of 2020 was the release of the web application for attendees. As the number of events hosted virtually kept on growing, we realized that a mobile app was not enough. Why? Simply because creating the best event experience for a virtual audience is not quite the same as when you host an in-person event. And that was the reason why we started working on a web app for attendees.

One of the main differences between in-person and virtual attendees are the devices they use during the event. It is quite unlikely that attendees will carry a heavy notebook with them the whole day when they need to move to different stages for different sessions, therefore a mobile app is the perfect solution for them. A virtual attendee is, on the contrary, most likely to use a notebook or computer, because it is more convenient to enjoy the event on bigger screens when they attend the events from their homes.

The Eventee web app mirrors the features of the mobile app. Attendees can go through the agenda, watch livestreams, contribute to Q&A sessions, read newsfeed posts, add ratings, etc.

The release of the Eventee web app in 2020 marked an important milestone in addressing the unique needs of virtual event attendees.
The Eventee web app for attendees

New pricing

Eventee changed its pricing model to an annual subscription to provide more convenience to our customers. But that's not the best thing about this upgrade! The new pricing model comes with four improved plans that bring value like never before.

Enjoy 200 extra attendees, multiple events for one price, less limitations for the agenda, or take advantage of the new feature Custom branding!

Custom branding

We understand the importance of event branding for attendees to better connect with your event or company. Especially when you host a virtual event. The feature Custom branding allows you to customize the looks of the mobile and web app and match them with your brand.

So far, you are able to change the main banner, background and active elements color with this feature.


Eventee offers a whole bunch of useful tools you can integrate it with. In 2020 five more platforms joined the list:

  • Zapier, Mailchimp
  • Ticketing: GoOut, TiTo, Mitingu


The fourth quarter of the year was the most productive, in terms of released features and upgrades. One of them was the feature Tracks, which is basically an improvement of the event's agenda.

Tracks allow you to tag your sessions with fully customizable labels to easily navigate attendees through the agenda. The tracks are visible in both mobile and web app. Let your attendees filter the tracks and help them keep on track of the topics they favor.

In summary, the Tracks feature is a valuable tool for enhancing the attendee experience at events, offering a visually intuitive and efficient way to navigate through diverse and complex event agendas.
Colorful tracks for better navigation

Dark mode

Dark mode was one of the main features that came with the release of Eventee version 2.6.

Tired of the white blinding mobile screen tearing up your eyes and the annoying beep signalizing an almost drained battery only adds up? Then you are going to love this feature!

The feature enhances overall user comfort, providing a more pleasant viewing experience during prolonged use of the app.
Dark mode for the mobile app

Partners and sponsors

The feature Partners enables the promotion of sponsors and other partners right at attendees' fingertips. Our customers awaited this new feature with a huge amount of excitement. And we are happy that we managed to introduce it as one of the last bigger releases of 2020.


Before we close the year 2020, there are a few more upgrades that are worth mentioning as well. Besides the already introduced achievements, there were not less amazing improvements that Eventee went through:

  • Admin - new helpdesk; event duplication; manage multiple users at a time; no review process
  • Attendees - the possibility to arrange meetings through Networking; bookings to individual speakers
  • New languages - Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish

Closing 2020, jumping into 2021

The last 12 months were everything but easy. And yet, here we stand, looking ahead to another year, hoping that it will bring new challenges and opportunities to reach even greater heights.

We wouldn't have made it without all the people who are supporting us the whole time. So cheers to you, our beloved customers, fans and families. Thank you all for your support! ❤️

And now, as we have promised, here is a little taste of the goodies we plan for the year 2021:

  • Networking on the web app
  • CNAME support
  • Improved virtual events features
  • Admin data import/export
  • New roles in admin
  • New languages

Sad, because you are missing a feature that you would love Eventee to have? Don't worry, this was definitely not the whole list!

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You can also check our Roadmap to see what is planned for the following months!

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