Admin has a New Look!

Some improvements have been made in Eventee administration! Read through them and try it out!

Nikola Klepackova
Nikola Klepackova

Hello there!
As you can see from the title, some improvements have been made in the Administration recently! And we are excited to tell you more about that! Are you curious? Read through the changes and try them out!

NEW LOOK of Admin

This change will be highly appreciated from administrators who have more than one event created in Eventee. We have completely changed the look of the events overview in order to make the event planning more clearer for you. 🙂

The revamped events overview provides a more organized and clear view, making it easier for administrators to navigate between different events.

Possibility to EXPORT Reviews

Great news! We have listened to your requests about getting the reviews from your attendees out of the app! We have added a function which allows you to download all of the reviews in multiple formats. After that, you can easily sort the information and make summaries of attendees' feedback to each individual lecture.

With the export function, organizers can quickly sort through feedback, making it easier to analyze responses and identify trends or common themes.

GIF is all you need..

Do you remember that we have implemented GIFs into the Newsfeed function? So far, it was possible to add GIFs into Newsfeed only through web administration. We have been working on that, and right now you can also add GIFs from the mobile app! However, there are several steps you need to do

  • Log into the Eventee mobile app with the same account you use in admin panel in order to have special admin functions;
  • Download a GIF Keyboard by Tenor from App Store or Google Play and follow the instruction in the app on how to allow GIF Keyboard on your mobile phone;
  • Open your event in mobile app Eventee and share the fun with your attendees! ❤️
GIFs add a dynamic and visually engaging element to the newsfeed, encouraging more interaction and participation from attendees.

For further questions, please, contact us on [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you! 🤗

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