Improved Event Analytics and Data Management

The August round-up of Eventee updates and what's up with the new feature Social wall.

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

One could say, this month's updates were all about data...

...and they wouldn't be wrong!

Eventee tracks all kinds of data to help event organizers better understand their events. With the latest updates, you can not only dive deeper into your event but also save time managing your data.

Analytics improvements we introduced this month are an addition to our new event analytics tool.

📤 Data export

Data export is a way to back up data or transfer them from one system to another. Newly, you can export data from the tab Session insights where you can find all the information about attendee engagement - from session attendance and ratings to individual attendee interactions.

Click on the green button in the upper right corner that says "Export insights", and choose the format you want the file to be in.

This feature supports comprehensive event evaluation and strategic planning for future events.
Attendee engagement export

🤝 Partners insights

Great news for your event partners! Though still in beta version, you can already provide your sponsors and exhibitors with the number of attendees who viewed their profiles.

Find the Partner insights in your Eventee administration, tab Dashboard, and provide your partners with data that helps them measure their ROI.

 Insights can inform sponsors and exhibitors on how to optimize their profiles and interactions for better visibility and engagement in future events.
Partner analytics in Eventee

📥 Partners data imports

Before we move on to the next update, we have another improvement related to the Partners feature. On our Eventee Public API page, you can now find new calls that you can implement and make your life easier when it comes to creating and managing your partners in Eventee.

Access to these API calls on the Eventee Public API page allows for streamlined and sophisticated management of partner information, enhancing the overall functionality of the event management process.
Eventee Public API

👥 Attendee data imports

This update enables you to pre-fill your attendees' profiles with data, e.g. from your sign-up forms, over API.

Attendees who join the event will be notified that you provided information about them. This information can be rejected or managed by attendees after they open the app.

🤩 Social wall - YAY!

Hold your horses, folks. Before you sprint to your Eventee administration, know that this feature is still in development, and therefore, you cannot check it out yourself yet.

Anticipation is highly appreciated and welcomed though!

What will be possible with Social Wall?

  • Sharing thoughts through text, image, or GIF
  • All attendees' posts in one place
  • Interaction via like or dislike buttons

Stay tuned for this update on our social media channels or check our roadmap!

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