Eventee 2.11: Hit the Gold Mine of Event Data

Collecting data for event evaluation is one of the stepping stones to successful events. The latest Eventee release introduces an analytics improvement that helps you track your event like never before.

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

The power of data is no doubt significant. It helps you to better visualize relationships between things, keeps you on track with your performance, and gives you a great base for future improvements by showing your weaknesses and strengths. With that being said, we are happy to finally introduce you to our event analytics feature improvement, the star among this month's releases. ⭐️

Let's see what this improvement is all about and what else you can find in the latest Eventee version 2.11!

📊 New session analytics

Previously, when you opened the Session insights, you we only able to see the average rating and the number of ratings and comments per session. With the latest release you can see the attendance, attendee engagement, average rating...

...and you can dig even deeper.

With the Premium and higher Eventee plans you can click on the session you want to take a closer look at and reveal a detailed event data overview.

These enhancements allow for a comprehensive understanding of session impact and attendee behavior, aiding in the continuous improvement of events.
Improved Eventee session analytics

Enterprise users can additionally see the interactions of individual attendees. They are able to see exactly who:

  • Voted in poll
  • Gave rating
  • Downloaded a file
  • Joined a virtual meeting
  • Asked a question
  • Voted for a question
In essence, this level of analytics helps in creating more targeted and effective event experiences, driving better outcomes for both organizers and participants.
Individual attendee engagement

📈 Google Analytics integration

If you own the Eventee Business plan or higher, you can also connect your Google Analytics account with Eventee and track attendee activity on event Homepage and Web app.

You will find this integration in your administration, where you can insert the tracking code from your Google Analytics account. Eventee supports Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4. You can use both versions simultaneously.

📖 Learn more about Google Analytics integration.

Google Analytics integration in Eventee

🤝 Whereby integration

Joining our family of supported conferencing and online meeting services - welcome Whereby!

With Whereby, you can now choose from 7 streaming and video sharing tools that can be played in Eventee. Other tools are YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live, Twitch, SlidesLive, and Zoom.

Same as with other supported virtual event tools, you just need to copy the Whereby link and insert it into a session created in your event administration.

📝 See the complete list of all currently supported streaming, video hosting, and online meeting tools.

📖 Learn more about creating a virtual experience in Eventee.

Attendees can join video calls without the need to download additional software, as Whereby works directly within the browser.
Eventee supports Whereby streams!

🔗 Private links for draft events

The preview mode is perfect for sharing the event draft with your superior or other team members and for the final check if everything is in place before you share it with your attendees.  

In the latest Eventee release, there is a small change in the process of previewing your draft event. Before you enter the preview mode, you will need to generate a link, which expires after 24 hours. Afterward, the link needs to be regenerated.

📖 Learn more about the new preview process.

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