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Welcome to our first contribution to our new Eventee product ever.

Roman Mastalir
Roman Mastalir

Welcome to our first contribution to our new Eventee product ever. Our application is designed for organizers of conferences and similar event types. It enables the organizers to create a mobile app for the visitors in a simple way without any advanced IT skills.

Features You Will Fall in Love with

Our web application, the so-called administration interface, serves to create and fill in contents. All the information created by the user will be reflected in the mobile app in real-time.

Currently, Eventee offers a digital program for events in both, a single room as well as many rooms at the same time. Multi-day events are also supported. Each presentation can be evaluated by visitors and their feedback sent to the organizer in the form of a comment. From our experience we know that this feature is widely used and becomes an appreciated source of information for the organizer. Obtaining such amount of feedback in any other way has been so far extremely difficult.

Another key feature is the News Feed with Push Notifications support. It is a simple micro-blogging system that allows the organizer to send brief reports on current events at the conference to all participants. E.g. “The coffee break will soon be over”, “Do not forget to evaluate the speaker” etc. The report may also contain an image. In addition, users can mark each message as “like” or “dislike”. Thus the organizer will certainly not miss the response of the participants.

Eventee, the center of event communication

Advanced Technologies

Our mobile applications are developed as so-called native apps. What does it mean? There are many technologies that make work easier for developers. One of these is the development of web or multi-platform applications that pretend to be mobile apps. A big advantage is cost savings in their development. This is, however, their only benefit, not bringing any advantages for the users.

Native applications are exactly the opposite. They are much more expensive and more complicated to produce. Nevertheless, they are very fast, they allow rich animations, work reliably in offline mode, have a customized design for both iOS and Android, and much better user experience.

To sum up: native applications have a number of benefits for users, hybrid applications are only advantageous for manufacturers because they want to save as much as they can on their customers.

Great Future

Eventee is developed with an emphasis on simple control. Every new feature is very carefully planned and implemented. Our priority is to make the use of our mobile app as simple and enjoyable for users as possible.

What we are offering now is an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). We know that Eventee does not have the highest number of features on the market. But we also know that the features it contains, are the best. Just try our demo. Our motto is “quality is more important than quantity”.

The good news is that Eventee will keep improving. We are preparing many great features which, once tried, will become indispensable for you.

Regular Updates

We are working very hard to detect and eliminate any errors in Eventee. At least once a week, a new version of our application will be released with minor enhancements and repairs. Once in a month or two, you can look forward to major updates that will bring completely new features.

In conclusion

Thank you for your trust. Your happiness is our first priority and we will always do our best to meet this

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