What is new in Eventee 1.3

We are so excited about the news - let us introduce you to Eventee 1.3!

Roman Mastalir
Roman Mastalir

You asked for it and we delivered! We simplified the process of sending messages to your attendees. From now on, you can send a Newsfeed within the mobile app itself. As the administrator, you will be able to see a new plus button on the Newsfeed screen, so you don’t have to use our web app during a hectic event.

In additional, we included support for the Apple Watch, so that each user can see their Favourite lectures on his wrist.

Since version 1.2.2, you can also lock your event using a PIN with the Premium version of Eventee. Thanks to this feature, you can limit the access at your event only to your attendees and keep the information private.

And of course, as usual, we made a few changes here and there to improve the UX and design of the app. So, now it’s even better than before.

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