What's new in Eventee 2.8

Let's take a look at the latest improvements in Eventee 2.8, and other news of this month. Scheduled video access, networking on the web app, and much more!

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

What does the recent version Eventee 2.8 have to offer? Besides the long-awaited scheduled video access, and networking on the web app, we have a few other new things to announce. Keep on reading, because there is so much more we want to share with you today :)

πŸ—“ Scheduled video access

No more peeking before the session starts! Limit the access and decide when attendees can watch your videos. Tick off the square "Limit attendee access to the video", which is located right beneath the column for inserting the URL. You are then able to manage the limitation and schedule the time when attendees can access the video.

It adds an element of control over the flow and timing of content delivery.
Schedule video access

πŸ–₯ Networking on web app

Your attendees can now connect with each other across all Eventee platforms. Engage with a Tinder-like tool that's available on both mobile and web app. We released this feature in the Beta version with a planned upgrade in the following weeks, so stay tuned!

Extending the networking capabilities to the web app means that attendees can now connect and network via their computers, facilitating interactions that were previously limited to the mobile app.
Networking on web app

πŸš€ Attendee onboarding

We improved the attendee onboarding in the mobile app by making it more straightforward. Attendees who join through your invitation won't see the list of all events anymore, they will see your event as a priority.

Some of our planned improvements and features, like language mutations, new streaming services support, or admin improvements, have been postponed due to the CNAME and web app development, which are our main focus for this month. However, in spite of the busy schedule with the app development, we were able to release a bunch of other new things you can enjoy!

πŸ₯³ New Eventee homepage

Take a minute and check out ourΒ new homepage. Now it portrays the true values of Eventee much better, so you can learn why Eventee is the best solution for your in-person, virtual, or hybrid events.

πŸ’ͺ Facebook community

It's official - Eventee has a community group on Facebook! The group is meant for all Eventee users, and serves as a place to share experience, best practices, and learn from each other in a hate-free environment. Become part of our growing community, join here!

πŸ’° Affiliate program

Take part in our affiliate program, refer Eventee on your platforms, and earn 20% commissions on our regular plans if the visitors complete their purchase. You can earn up to $400 per deal!

Sign upΒ and start referring Eventee.

πŸ“Ή Eventee free webinar

An app walkthrough with Live Q&A. Learn how to deliver the best event experience with Eventee!

It's an opportunity for attendees to understand how to utilize Eventee's features effectively to enhance their event experiences.
Free Eventee webinar hosted on Eventee platforms

On the 24th of March we were hosting our first-ever Eventee webinar. Everything went just great, and we couldn't be happier for the amount of engagement we received! ❀️
A big THANK YOU for those who participated, and especially those who stayed with us till the end for the Q&A session, because you provided us with tons of insights and ideas to improve Eventee, which will help it reach even greater heights. πŸš€

Unfortunately, we did not record the webinar, which was a mistake, and we will definitely fix that for the next webinar. However, Eventee collects all event data and saves them for 12 months, so we are still able to go back to the archived questions and write all the answers down, so even those who were not able to join the webinar can take a look at it. We plan to share it in our Eventee Community group, so make sure to join the group and stay tuned πŸ‘€

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