Eventee 2.9: A New Web App for a Whole New Experience

We are finally introducing you to our improved web app! Explore the new onboarding flow and design of the web app that provides the best attendee experience for your events.

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

We are happy to finally announce the release of our new web app! Your attendees can look forward to a change in the onboarding process and a whole new design of the web app, which is now separated from your event homepage and provides an even better experience. 🔥

🖥 Event Homepage vs. Web app

Before this release, the web app and the event homepage were part of one platform. To make the attendee onboarding more straightforward, we decided to split them into two. We kept the event homepage as source of all event information, while the web app will now serve as a platform where attendees can get involved, watch your event content, engage, and network with each other.

Changes on the event homepage

The event homepage stayed more or less the same. You are still able to rearrange your sections, change the colors and banner without any coding skills. There are also no additional fees for the event homepage even though it is now separate - for one price, you get an event homepage, event mobile and web app. It would very easily get to almost $4,000+ if you would use and manage 3 different solutions on the market!

You will find a new section called "Join event" in the event website editor in your administration. This section appears on the event homepge as a button through which your attendees can join the web app with your created event content and all the engagement features of Eventee. Simply turn this section on in the website editor and decide where you want to place it.

New section for joining events 

The agenda will open a description of each session, instead of the event content and app engagement features.

Event homepage agenda with session description

Changes on the web app

The web app is now a whole new separate platform with its own navigation panel, just like it is in the mobile app. Attendees can join your event on the web app via event homepage. If your event is open to everyone, attendees will be able to join without signing in, in other cases they will land on a sign in page before seeing your event content.

Check the short video below to see how the new web app works!

💪 Other updates of this month

The new web app was our main star of this month, but as usual, we got other small tweaks and news you can enjoy along!

Before we get to them, we would like to share a little love with our dear customers who support us the whole time. Thank you for your positive reviews and kind words that drive our team to work even harder every day. Your support have brought us multiple awards on G2 in different categories - check that out! ❤️

An image displaying a series of six award badges from G2 for Spring 2021. From left to right, the badges read 'Easiest Admin' with a yellow banner, 'Best Meets Requirements Small Business' with a red banner, 'Fastest Implementation' with an orange banner, 'Easiest Setup' with a blue banner, 'Momentum Leader' with a gray banner, and 'High Performer' with a red banner. Each badge features the G2 logo at the top.
Awards by G2 for spring 2021 🏆

Agenda improvement

Eventee does not allow users to select event date with calendar days that are not consecutive. However, it hides the days with empty schedule, so they will not be visible in the mobile nor web app. If your event days are not in a consecutive order, you can simply leave the days empty.

Hidden days with empty schedule

Event Industry Trends in 2021 and Beyond

We are currently doing research on how the pandemic has changed the event industry, and we would love to hear your experience and opinion through our survey. The survey is open for submissions only till end of April, so don't miss this chance to claim the resulting ebook and other sweet stuff that we are offering you in return. 🎁

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We are looking forward to your participation and thank you for your time!

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